Dov Slansky

Dov Slansky, Attorney at Law
850 3rd Ave Ste 402
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 380-3832

Dov Slansky is an accomplished Attorney and a Co-Founder as well as Senior Vice President of Legal Strategy at Litify.

Founded in 2015, Litify combines state-of-the-art matter management, document management, analytics, automation, and more into the most powerful, streamlined practice management platform.

Prior to being a founding member of Litify, Dov is a Hofstra Law grad and was an attorney at several mass tort law firms NY area where he oversaw some of the largest dockets of hip replacement, surgical mesh caseloads, and blood thinner caseloads. Dov subsequently led a technology and operations team at Morgan & Morgan, the nation’s largest consumer law firm.

Dov is a consumer law firm growth expert and a frequent speaker about law firm best practices for growth. He has appeared on panels and solo presentations  ranging from marketing and technology to case strategies and litigation.

Personally, Dov lives on Long Island together with his wife Miri and their 4 children. He is also an avid cyclist and passionate DIYer in his spare time.