Dwight Ritter

Ritter & Associates
501 W. Broadway, Suite 1490
San Diego, CA 92101
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For the past 40 years, my work has focused on representation of individuals and families who have been severely hurt, injured, or killed. I don't represent any banks, corporations, or any insurance companies. In fact, I sue them. My practice has exclusively represented injured victims in products liability cases, police misconduct cases, auto collisions, boat collisions and Jones act cases, premises liability cases, and civil rights cases including sexual-harassment, age discrimination, and racial discrimination. Trial by jury is my primary specialty.

For many years my office has practiced personal injury and wrongful death in multiple jurisdictions. My representation has involved civil rights litigation, maritime claims, fishing boat injuries, sailboat injuries, defective products, such as defective radiators, defective road jeeps, defective sailing vessels, defective guns, defective ammunition, defective children's toys, defective ladders, defective aboveground pools, defective highway design, defective elevators, defective handtools, defective power tools, defective drills, contaminated food, and many other defective product cases. my office specializes in trial by jury and during my career I have twice been awarded "San Diego Trial lawyer of the Year" for multiple successful verdicts during one year. In addition, I was recently named Consumer Advocate of the Year (2018) by the San Diego Trial Lawyers Association. If we can assist you in your claim for injury or damages, we would be privileged to help you.