E. Nathan Harris

Abogados Centro Legal
3021 Lorna Rd Ste 301
Birmingham, AL 35216
(205) 940-2233

Nathan has been focused on helping people in the Hispanic community in Alabama for most of
his life. His mother is from the tiny Spanish speaking country of Ecuador in South America and
met his father while he was stationed in the peace corps in Ecuador in the 1970’s. After Mr.
Harris’ parents were married in Ecuador, they moved to this country, the country of opportunity.
Mr. Harris was born shortly thereafter and took advantage of this opportunity granted to him by
going to law school at the University of Alabama.
Mr. Harris opened the firm in 2010, which eventually became Abogados Centro Legal, by
building trust, fighting hard, and taking advantage of opportunity.
Today, Abogados Centro Legal is still helping Hispanic folks solve their legal problems in the
following areas: serious injuries, car wrecks, accidents, overtime and minimum wage disputes,
and immigration. Our Hispanic clients rarely feel comfortable with the U.S. legal system at first;
but our firm, being fully bilingual and bicultural, is able to better relate to the Hispanic community
and set our clients at ease during these stressful situations. All people, including undocumented
immigrants, have rights and access to justice.
Everyone who has been injured, through no fault of their own, has the right to seek justice in the
form of a jury trial in a court of law. We assist our clients in telling their stories and fighting for
the justice they deserve. We also assist other attorneys to navigate the complex issues that
arise in civil cases involving Hispanic clients.