Erik Johnson

Shah and Associates
2163 E Baseline Rd Ste 105
Tempe, AZ 85283

Erik J Johnson brings 8 years of intensive trial experience to The Dr. Lawyer Law Group. In the course of his career he has brought over 30 cases to a jury. Those trials ranged from 1st Degree Murder,  Aggravated Robbery, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, to Driving Under the Influence.

Erik joined up with Dr. Zaheer Shah’s firm because the position would allow him to continue to fight for individuals (underdogs) against the Government and big Insurance Companies.

Whether in the personal injury realm, or criminal, having an attorney with the experience, and the will-power, to go all the way to trial, can make all the difference in the world. If a prosecutor knows you are willing to go all the way to trial, they will make better offers. If an insurance company knows you will “take them to the box,” they will offer more money. Both groups of attorneys admit as much in private off-the-record conversations. And if they do not do not make a satisfactory offer, or if you do not want an “offer,” then WE simply take them to trial.

Again, Erik’s passion for being a lawyer is driven by the opportunity to help individual people, of all races and socio-economic backgrounds – building relationships, getting to know them, listening to them, and striving for an outcome that THEY feel is in their best interest.