Fernando Lopez

Law Offices of Fernando J. Lopez
2611 N. Texas Blvd. Suite 1
Weslaco, TX 78599

Fernando J. Lopez began his career as a lawyer in South Texas serving the town of Weslaco. He has since expanded his coverage to include Houston and continues to be an active Weslaco personal injury lawyer in the surrounding areas. Mr. Lopez feels that the most important aspect of becoming a lawyer was his desire to provide justice to those who deserved it. When he first began practicing law, he was not sure what field he wanted to specialize in. He tried criminal law, family law, contracts, business law, and personal injury. What he found was that personal injury gave him the most satisfaction. He saw how insurance companies treated people and how unfair and unethical those companies can often be. He felt it was his crusade to make sure that all of his clients get the most for their injuries.