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Founding Attorney Gary L. Richardson has earned his reputation as one of the most prominent and accomplished lawyers in the Southwest region, and his firm is correspondingly sought after by many clients in the region. Gary founded Richardson Richardson Boudreaux PLLC, originally The Richardson Law Firm, to give injury victims the powerful voice they need when battling insurance companies and other deep-pocketed corporations. Representing clients throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and other surrounding states, Gary has successfully recovered a number of record-setting jury verdicts.

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Gary's talent and reputation for multi-million dollar recoveries can be attributed to his expertise, as he has the ability to communicate with the jury in a persuasive, convincing, and highly effective manner. He believes his success is, in part, a product of the lessons he has learned through a multitude of experiences.

These experiences have served as inspiration for three books Gary has had published: Fear is Never Your Friend, Black Robe Fever, Thank God They Ate the Apple, and a motivational audio series entitled Winning in the Courtroom. He delivers seminars nationwide regarding his first book, Fear is Never Your Friend, helping people eliminate the destructive power of fear in their lives.


Our firm was founded with the express purpose of representing individuals who have been wronged and has grown to become one of the most preeminent trial firms in the Southwest.

Gary has shown an interest in politics, running for Congress in 1978 and 1980. He also made serious headway as an Independent gubernatorial candidate in 2002, receiving the open endorsement of both Republican candidates after they lost in the primary.


Gary is married to Lanna Wilcox, and together they have five children and ten grandchildren. He is an active member of South Tulsa Baptist Church and has served in other churches as a Deacon, Sunday school teacher, music leader, and even a speaker at the pulpit.