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Cross Law Firm, LLC ("Cross Law Firm") serves clients with diverse needs throughout Kansas, Missouri, nationally, and abroad. In 2014, Lee was recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Litigation lawyers in the State of Kansas by the

Dedicated and Nationally Recognized

American Society for Legal Advocates. Cross Law Firm offers representation in civil litigation (focusing on agricultural, business, personal injury, environmental, and mass tort issues). In 2014, Cross Law Firm began working on a legal team that represents farmers across the country against SYNGENTA as a result of destroying corn prices. Specifically, producers were harmed by Syngenta's conduct related to its premature introduction of genetically-modified corn seed into the U.S. market, before it obtained approval for corn export partners of the U.S., such as China. This conduct caused many billions of dollars of damages to American producers. Our legal team with many attorneys (Watt Guerra, LLP and the Law Office of Michael Miller in San Antonio, Texas), extensive staff, and multiple locations, can offer resources for managing complex agricultural cases above and beyond what other firms have to offer. We currently represent hundreds of farmers across the corn belt, the Dakotas, and would be glad to discuss this matter with you. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully fight for small farmers against big agribusiness. In 2010, attorney Gerald Lee Cross, Jr. (licensed in Kansas and Missouri), was also a member of a legal team that was named a Finalist for Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Public Justice Foundation. In light of that recognition, the Cross Law Firm is committed to providing the highest quality of legal service, educating clients regarding the risks and options in their specific case, developing strategies and objectives to achieve their desired results, and fighting for farmers (their families, and their communities).