Gregory Rollins

Law Office of Gregory Rollins
4129 Main Street, Ste. 204
Riverside, CA 92501

Greg Rollins grew up in Riverside County, obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Riverside, and his Juris Doctorate law degree from Western State University College of Law in Fullerton after graduating at the top of his class. In law school, Greg led the school’s Moot Court Team, served as president of the Christian Legal Society, and took specialized classes in criminal law and procedure, negotiations and trial practice. After law school, Greg passed the California Bar Examination, widely regarded as the hardest bar examination in the country, on his first attempt. Greg has been a licensed attorney in California since 2010.

Greg first began working for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office as a law clerk, and then later served as a prosecutor for nearly a decade. During his lengthy and distinguished career as an award-winning Riverside County prosecutor, Greg served in a variety of units (misdemeanors, felonies, major narcotics, domestic violence) and handled a wide range of cases ranging from the lowest-level misdemeanors to most serious felonies. Greg has handled criminal cases involving DUI and other driving-related offenses, assault, theft, auto theft, burglary, robbery, domestic violence, narcotic sales and possession, narcotics manufacturing, attempted murder, and murder.

As a prosecutor, Greg tried 40 cases, conducted hundreds of hearings, and negotiated or settled thousands of criminal cases. Greg was recognized two years in a row as the Riverside County Misdemeanor Attorney of the Year. Greg’s past experience as a Riverside County Prosecutor gives him unique and invaluable experience in handling, negotiating, and trying criminal cases.

Greg eventually chose to leave his career as a prosecutor behind and to open his own law practice so that he could put his skills and experience to use fighting for individuals, not the government. As a criminal defense attorney, Greg defends the rights of his clients and tirelessly seeks the best outcome for every client in every case.

Greg uses his experience to look at cases through the eyes of a prosecutor, identify the weaknesses in the cases, and then attacks the case as a skilled criminal defense attorney. Greg is a respected member of the Riverside legal community, known for his commitment to excellence both in and out of the courtroom.