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At HenryLaw you will find the strongest academic credentials at your disposal. Carlos Henry is the founding member of HenryLaw. There are few, if any, more credentialed lawyers even at the most prestigious firms in the country. This matters because you want the best at your side when the State comes for you. Why settle for less.
Many lawyers stumble into our field because it is a safe option for those that don't know what to do after college. Being a lawyer is all I have ever wanted to do. I debated and loved it. I picked philosophy as a major at Yale because they gave me great grades for arguing with the sharpest minds in history. Criminal defense is my passion. All my resources are at your disposal to protect your rights.
FOUNDING MEMBER: Carlos Henry Profile:
• Yale Law School J.D. 1990
o -Editor Yale Law Journal
o -Editor Yale Journal of International Law
o -Yale Law Prison Legal Services 1988-90
o -Member Connecticut State Tae Kwon Do Team
• Yale University B.A. 1987
o -Summa cum laude
o -Phi Beta Kappa
o -Honors in Philosophy
o -Yale Tae Kwon Do Team
• Law Clerk D.C. Court Of Appeals 1990-1991
o Judge John Ferren
o Member Virginia State Tae Kwon Do Team
• Utah High School Policy Debate Champion 1977 & 1978
o -Top Speaker 1977, Third Speaker 1978
My father came here from Cuba in 1957. My mother emigrated from Germany in 1957. They worked hard, owned a successful business and retired at the age of 55. We lived in New York City, Salt Lake City, and then I have lived in Los Angeles, Seattle, Connecticut, and Washington D.C. I have worked at some of the most prestigious law firms in the world and worked with some of the brightest and best lawyers. I have experienced some of the best and worst of what life can bring. When it comes to background and life experiences you will have a hard time finding a broader base than mine to handle and understand your unique legal challenges.