Holly Hanover

The Law Offices of Holly S. Hanover
1016 La Mesa Ave
Spring Valley, CA 91977-4656
(619) 295-1264

Holly Hanover has lived and worked in the San Diego area since 1978. A graduate of both San Diego State and California Western School of Law (with honors), she has worked hard since 1994 to provide the best possible representation to her clients charged with federal crimes. She began her legal career with Federal Defenders, Inc. of San Diego. During her time there, she mentored younger attorneys and interns, and represented hundreds of clients successfully, obtaining acquittals, favorable outcomes during plea negotiations, and also obtained more dismissals than any other attorney in the office during her time there.    In 1997, Ms. Hanover opened her own law practice, and has specialized in defending clients charged with crimes in the federal system. Her approach is a unique aggressiveness combined with an amiability to disarm foes while still fighting to defend the rights of her client.  


  Ms. Hanover works primarily in San Diego and El Centro Federal Courts. She is on the Advisory Council for Punch & Jurist's FedCrimLaw and USSG sites, as well as the author of www.thepanel.net.  

Bar Associations:

  California State Bar  Federal Bar Association  Courts Admitted to Practice:    The Ninth Circuit  The Southern District of California  The Supreme Court of California  Any Court within the State of California  

Other Contributions

  Ms. Hanover believes in giving back to her community when she is not defending the rights of her clients. In her spare time, she has volunteered as a judge in trial practice and appellate competitions at local law schools, cleaning up litter in her community, given her time to the Downtown public library and food banks, local animal shelter fund-raisers, and has participated in the 60 mile Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk, and numerous other breast cancer fund-raisers. She also created a web site to assist other attorneys with their own federal defense practices (www.thepanel.net)