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Howard Ross has dedicated himself to obtaining the highest monetary compensation to care for the needs of the wrongfully injured. His proven record of successful verdicts and settlements, the caring personal attention his staff has always provided, and the tenacity and integrity with which he has always practiced law have led both clients and referring attorneys to entrust their cases to him for decades. Attorney Ross has tried cases as far away as Florida and California. He has successfully handled numerous bungee cord eye injury/blindness cases and has extensive and unparalleled experience as a product liability and medical malpractice lawyer. Attorney Ross has obtained numerous record-setting verdicts and settlements for children brain damaged by medical malpractice and lead paint poisoning.


                Motor Vehicle Negligence
                $2,950,000:  Bus driver’s negligence caused below-the-knee amputation

                Products Liability
                $1,000,000 settlement for a high school football player after a helmet-to-helmet impact caused cervical       fracture

                Defective J-shaped bungee cord hooks opened up and snapped back, causing blindness in the impacted eye.  
                $900,000 recovered in Massachusetts; and $600,000 recovered in Denver Colorado Federal Court

                Medical Malpractice
                $3,813,000 judgment after jury verdict in Springfield.  Pediatrician’s negligence caused a baby to suffer            
                brain damage and mental retardation

                $2,200,000 settlement in New Hampshire:  Obstetrical negligence caused infant brain damage

                $1,000,000 (Los Angeles):  Blindness caused by unwarranted ophthalmologic surgeries

                $985,000 settlement:  Breast cancer:  Misread mammogram     

                Premises Liability:
                $2.2 Million judgment after jury verdict in Boston for learning disabilities caused by lead paint poisoning

                $1.5 Million settlement for back injuries resulting from a fall caused by negligence

                $525,000 and $400,000 settlements in MA and RI for children burned by scalding hot water

                Airplane Crashes
                $1.8 Million settlement:  Pilot Error (Massachusetts).   $1.7 Million settlement:  Negligent Maintenance (R.I.)