Ismail Yousef

Romanow Law Group
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Pittsburgh, PA 15237

For as long as I can remember, science and medicine fascinated me. My love for science pushed me into earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I then practiced as a clinical pharmacist for many years. I rounded in hospitals and worked in clinics and pharmacies all over the country. This allowed me to gain extensive medical and clinical experience pertaining to bodily injuries and disease states. My understanding of the human body and physiology now enables me to truly understand how my clients are suffering. It is this understanding that gives me insight into the true and just levels of compensation needed to make my clients whole again. And this level of insight earns me and my clients the respect of insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, and jurors.

As my client, you can be assured that when I negotiate your claim with insurance companies and opposing counsel based upon both the applicable law and underlying medical issues, it gives your claim instant credibility with the people writing the checks.

I have successfully represented car accident and medical malpractice victims. I also have a select number of commercial clients in business litigation and complex transactions. Most recently, I have become committed to fighting the opioid crisis in our community by representing families who have been victimized by those wrongdoers who have fueled the opioid epidemic in our schools and neighborhoods?unscrupulous doctors who overprescribe opioid pain killers, pharmacists who negligently fill these prescriptions, and drug manufacturers and distributors who have betrayed their duties.

I am glad to be part of Romanow Law Group because I believe in the firm's dedication to excellence and resourcefulness in representing injury victims. I am also fortunate to be surrounded by a team of talented individuals and lawyers who all share the same mindset of putting the interests of the client first. Call Romanow Law Group today and schedule your free consultation with me, ask for "Attorney Ish Yousef."