Issa Elkhatib

The Elkhatib Law Office
2012 W. 25th Ste. 502
Cleveland, OH 44113
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At The Elkhatib Law Office, we’re proud to provide assertive and zealous legal representation. We provide top flight representation for all criminal and civil matters. We’ve had the pleasure of successfully defending clients in a wide array of cases.

We tackle many criminal defense and personal injury cases with fierce advocacy and attention to detail. We aren't timid when it comes to DUIs, felony charges, auto accidents, premise liabilities, and the like. To us, nothing is more satisfying than getting to the bottom of a case. We are ready to and will fight for you!

With our years of experience, we can easily ensure that your legal issues are conducted suitably and assertively, especially if your case advances to trial. We thoroughly understand all of your rights and will go above and beyond to see that you’re treated fairly with the goal of achieving maximum compensation for you . . . the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward!

Issa and our talented legal team manage and fight in many cases. Our most common practice areas pertain to criminal defense and personal injury. Cases include and are not limited to:

Criminal Law
Criminal Defense
DUI/OVI Defense
Felony Defense
Personal Injuries
Auto Accidents
Personal Injury
Dog/Animal Bites
Premise Liability
Misdemeanors/Traffic Violations
Wrongful Death/Serious Injuries