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He has been practicing law since he was first licensed in January of 1993. He was first admitted to practice in Louisiana followed by his admission to the state bars of Tennessee, Connecticut and finally New York. Attorney Brown has tried hundreds of criminal and civil jury trials to verdict, many resulting in a Not Guilty. Including Pro Hac Vice admissions, he has tried cases in Connecticut, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, California, New Mexico, Ohio and Kansas. He is or has been as qualified capital counsel, or ‘Learned Counsel”, at the trial and post-conviction levels in the Federal 2nd and 5th Circuits as well as the State of Connecticut before abolition of the death penalty and represents clients in Capital Cases in Federal and State Courts.

Upon graduation from Law School, Attorney Brown finished his term in the United States Army where he served in several capacities and earned many badges and awards, finishing his service as a JAG officer representing soldiers before Courts Martial. Attorney Brown tried over a dozen jury cases to verdict before leaving the service in 1996.

In 1996, Attorney Brown began his private legal career as an associate at a regional law firm in Louisiana, during which time he was recruited by a client to be Associate General Counsel; negotiating oil industry pipeline and service contracts throughout the world. He eventually left that position to open a private law office in Lafayette, Louisiana primarily defending those accused of crimes before federal and state courts and personal injury matters.

In 2001 Attorney Brown moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he served as a Federal Public Defender for the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee. In that position he tried over 50 cases to jury in Memphis and Jackson, in addition to representing dozens of clients before the 6th United States Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attorney Brown has had well in excess of 50 oral arguments before federal appellate courts including the 6th Circuit 5th and 2nd Circuit United States Court of Appeals and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. In 2008 Attorney Brown left public service for good and relocated his practice to the Hartford, CT area and lower Manhattan in New York City.

Attorney Brown has an exemplary record and extensive trial experience in representing those accused of Serious Felonies like Rapes, Sexual Assaults, Drug Conspiracies and the like to Assaults, Drug Possession, DUI and other routine offenses. His trial experience also includes White Collar Crimes, Credit Card Fraud, Medicare Fraud, Courts Martial proceedings (representing soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines as well as Cadets at West Point), Terrorism related offenses, Sex related crimes of all kinds, Tax fraud and violations of criminal regulatory violations like the Lacey Act, Endangered Species Act and environmental crimes.

We currently accept all federal and state criminal cases in federal and state courts in Connecticut, New York, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Additionally, Attorney Brown can help represent you before any United States Military criminal trial or appellate proceeding anywhere in the United States and abroad.