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Thank you for choosing GENDE LAW OFFICE, S.C. Over the past fourteen years, I have represented personal injury victims the vast majority of my legal career. I have successfully resolved hundreds of claims and generated millions of dollars for injured clients, to make them whole again from their injuries. I am licensed to practice law in Wisconsin , Illinois , the U.S. Court of Appeals - 7th Circuit and the Eastern & Western Federal District Courts of Wisconsin. In June of 2007, the Wisconsin Supreme Court appointed me to a committee that investigates complaints against attorneys due to my high ethical standards, dedication to my community and clients. Milwaukee Magazine in coordination with Super Lawyers named me as a Rising Star attorney in December 2007.

I was lead counsel in multiple cases that have made new law or protected a citizen's constitutional rights. One case involved the death of a young lady, who had been committed to Taycheedah Correctional Institute for various minor offenses due to her severe mental illnesses. While on 24/7 suicide watch, the young lady strangled herself in front of the prison guards. A Federal Lawsuit against 20 Wisconsin State Employees resulted in a final judgment against some of the highest ranking officials in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and at the institute, major changes in how the correctional staff handled suicidal inmates, and substantial compensation for the victim's family.

Another client was the Estate of a passenger who was killed in a rental vehicle where the driver was intoxicated. I successfully challenged an alcohol exclusion that precluded coverage for a $100,000 death benefit on the basis that the driver never received notice of the exclusion. It was a case of first impression in Wisconsin . We won at the trial and appellate court level. As a result, much needed funds were provided to the passenger's family, as she had left behind a four year old daughter.

In another case, I challenged a school bus company who provided “drop and go” service to young school children in Milwaukee . My client was a young girl who was dropped off on a street corner by the bus and was struck by an oncoming vehicle as she attempted to cross the street. My client suffered terrible injuries, but the bus company argued it had no responsibility to children once the doors of the bus closed. The owner of the bus company testified that “the wheels of the bus must continue to roll”. The appellate court disagreed with the bus company procedures and ruled for the first time in Wisconsin that bus companies had the highest duty of care to kids who ride their buses, making the streets of Milwaukee much safer for public school children. On retrial, the client and her family received compensation for their injuries.

I also represented a family who lost their son, while he was a college student in La Crosse . In a tragic accident, the young man drowned in the Mississippi River after a weekend night of festivities downtown. He was the seventh victim of the river since 1997, where all of the deaths had happened under similar circumstances. The family decided to challenge the status quo of La Crosse as a hard drinking party town that provided free transportation to the downtown bars for college students on the weekends via the “Safe Bus” (more commonly known as the “Drunk Bus”). Amidst a negative media deluge against the family, we changed University of Wisconsin's, La Crosse, policy on alcohol advertising in the student newspaper, changed the route and policy behind the “Drunk Bus”, encouraged a Task Force for Alcohol Abuse appointed by a long-standing Mayor (who subsequently resigned from office), and ultimately saw changes in the way alcohol is distributed to college students in La Crosse . Even though no monetary award was received by the family, our hard fought efforts helped implement positive changes in La Crosse to prevent similar future tragedies and raised alcohol awareness to a new level in that community. My efforts in making new law, challenging insurance companies and powerful interests on tough issues are evidence of my desire to protect and serve those families most in need.

I was honorably discharged from the U.S.M.C. in 1998, after enlisting during the first Gulf War. Prior to entering the Marines, I worked as a probation officer and multiple, various other jobs through college and law school. All of these experiences have helped mold me into a well-rounded individual that treats all people as equal, to be accorded the respect and dignity they deserve.

Forget the hype, we live our motto everyday, Trial Attorneys You Can Trust. We will do everything in our power to zealously represent your family, protect your rights in every respect and successfully resolve your claim. I look forward to working with you and your family to attain a healthy recovery and fair compensation for your injuries.


1967 – Born Moline, Illinois.

1985 – Graduated Moline High School.

1989 – Graduated University of Colorado/Boulder.

1990 – Probation Officer, Rock Island County Court Services.

1991 – Joined the U.S.M.C.

1995 – Graduated The John Marshall Law School

1998 – Honorably discharged U.S.M.C.