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What Made You Want to Become a Personal Injury Lawyer? I was in a very bad wreck myself. I broke my neck and had to wear a "halo", which is an external fixation device. My medical bills were adding up and I couldn't work. I was sad, somewhat depressed and, to top it all off, the insurance company for the other driver was dragging their feet on my claim. I decided to fight back. After a year of fighting, I finally got the insurance company to pay. I also applied to law school and went that very next year to Wake Forest Law School. For over 20 years, I have been fighting for people who have been severely injured. I became a personal injury lawyer because I have been there myself. I made a promise to fight back and help people that really need it. My goal is to just take over for them. Unless you have been seriously injured, you simply don't know how hard it is to get by. They don't need the added stress of worrying about their case. So, I take over and make sure that it is done right.