James Simmons

Simmons Law Group, PLLC
615 Crescent Executive Court, Suite 200
Lake Mary , FL 32878

Attorney James Simmons has been fighting Goliaths (i.e., Insurance Companies, Fortune 500 Corporations, Governmental Agencies) for years, winning victories for those seeking justice. He is a fighter in law and in life. In fact, he applies the same methodology from his training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to his law practice. His mindset: size does not matter, because with effective preparation, strategy, skill, and tenacity, any opponent will submit with the right amount of technique and force.

Before opening The Simmons Law Group, Attorney James Simmons represented those seeking justice in three of the Country's largest law firms. While doing so, Attorney Simmons gained invaluable experience, strategy, and skills. However, Attorney Simmons also saw how large firms often times lose the client service aspect of an attorney's job. Mr. Simmons believes that he is not just an Officer of the Court but that a Great Attorney must also fulfill his role as Counselor. At The Simmons Law Group, client service and satisfaction are the first goals to achieve in any case.