Jason Sherwood

Sherwood Law Group
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Chicago, IL 60661
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Jason H. Sherwood, Founder and Principal, heads the litigation department at Sherwood Law Group with specialties in personal injury and accident, real estate, collections, business and contract disputes, and all other civil litigation in both state and federal court. Jason’s experience, veracity, and dedication to his clients have made him one of the top young litigators in the State of Illinois. His determination for excellence and results has factored into his obtaining favorable resolutions for his clients in all aspects of civil litigation. Whether by trial, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or other dispute resolution, Jason will analyze your case and provide the proper roadmap and legal vehicle for getting to the desired destination. Injury Whether accident or work-related, Jason Sherwood will prosecute your claim expeditiously and properly for the most favorable result. Jason has experience in car accidents, slip and falls, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, dram shop, and all other areas associated with accident and injury law. Jason specializes in analyzing the client’s incident, treatment plan, and suffering to determine the proper course of action in getting results. Real Estate Jason Sherwood provides real estate litigation services for all your real estate needs. Whether breach of contract based upon a residential or commercial purchase, dispute over commissions, lease enforcement or defense, foreclosures, eviction, construction dispute, condo law, association disputes, or any other form of real estate litigation, Jason provides excellence in representation. With vast knowledge and experience on the transactional side, Jason has a unique ability to represent clients in all aspects of real estate-related matters, both in formation and dispute. General Litigation In all matters of civil litigation, whether in state or federal court, Jason will represent your business or individual interests to pursue or defend your rights under the applicable law. With experience in criminal law, consumer fraud, employment matters, breach of contract, privacy torts, collections, personal and business disputes, Jason represents or defends your action with integrity, confidence, and focus to get the results you desire.