Jeffery Blosser

Blosser Law Office
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Columbus, OH 43206

I grew up in a rural community that instilled a sense of honor, fairness and community. Often when someone is accused of a criminal offense there is a feeling of unfairness as the State brings its enormous resources to bear against a lone individual. It can feel lonely, but you don't have to be alone.

In college I fought to help those whose voices struggled to be heard. Upon graduation from Wright State University in 1995, I matriculated to law school where I continued to advocate for those who could not stand up for themselves. After receiving my Juris Doctor degree from Capital University Law School in 1998, I passed the Ohio Bar Exam and began practicing law.

For over 20 years, I have practiced law all over the State of Ohio and helped thousands of good people accused of everything from a Speeding ticket to Murder. Recently, my practice has shifted to representing people accused of some of the most serious offenses. It is my approach to these cases that has led to this increase.

In 2007 I founded the Blosser Law Office based on the principles of honesty, integrity and fairness. I believe that everyone should be able to afford quality representation for their Ohio Criminal Defense, Ohio Traffic or Ohio OVI/DUI Case. That is why my office works with you to fit a payment plan that meets your needs.

I have also consulted other lawyers on the cross-examination of prosecution's DNA experts with respect to forensic evidence in Sex Assault cases. Serious cases often have complex forensic evidentiary issues. While it is important to consider experts on these matters, it is equally important that the lawyer understand those basics and can effectively challenge the prosecution's experts in court.

I am in the courtroom most every day of the week on behalf of my clients. However, when I am not in the courtroom I try to spend as much time as possible with my family – including three young grandchildren and my favorite nephew. We do everything from playing video games to riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers.

When hiring a lawyer, you want someone who has been inside of the courtroom. You want someone who has the resources to get you the answers that you want and need. You need an Experienced, Aggressive and Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney.

Contact the Blosser Law Office today to discuss your DUI/OVI or Criminal Defense case. Your no-obligation consultation is free and confidential.