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Jeffrey Scott Gilbert is proud to have a small practice. He offers personalized attention to each one of his clients, a feat that many firms can't say they do. Why does a small practice make a big difference in your case?  A Georgia personal injury attorney like Jeff Gilbert takes the time to research and investigate all areas of your case. He finds out the truth and stands guard for you against the twisting of facts and the law against you. Sure, Jeff listens to your story, interviews witnesses, and researches the law, but that is not enough for Jeff and it shouldn't be enough for you!!!  One of Jeff's favorite sayings is that “there is no traffic in the extra mile.” He recognizes that in the law, as well as in life there are all too many 76%ers. Lawyers that are unwilling to go the extra mile to counter an unfavorable medical report or to think of and develop an argument.  Not too long ago, Jeff was contacted to assist another lawyer on a case as a result of being seen on the lecture circuit. The lawyer had demanded $160,000.00 on a case. Jeff immediately recognized that the case was undervalued. He faced the dilemma of what to do about the demand. After all once made, it is nearly impossible to go backward on a demand. The lawyer's mistake was to not value the potential for the case to become catastrophic.  With credit to the lawyer for falling on the sword so to speak, Jeff came up with the idea of having the client friendly “fire” the lawyer and hiring Jeff who could then argue “new sheriff in town”. But recognizing that it was not credible to simply argue the potential, Jeff immediately went about countering unfavorable medicals and developing a favorable basis for catastrophic designation. Result, this case settled for $215,000.000. The lawyer asked Jeff, “how do you do that” and Jeff said it comes down to credibility and I can teach you how to do that, to be a better lawyer and get maximum value. The lawyer's response after realizing there was no magic pill, “I don't want to learn, I just want to keep doing it my way”.  There is no substitute for credibility with Judges, Defense lawyers, and Insurance companies. Jeff has worked for 30 years to develop a reputation for not giving in, for being willing to work to support his positions, and for walking away from even million dollar offers if it is not in the clients' best interest to do accept the same. A leading Georgia workers' compensation attorney, Gilbert has been known to be a “bulldog,” fighting for the maximum amount in compensation and not backing down until you get what you are entitled to receive by the law.  Your Time is Valuable – Let An Experienced Accident Attorney Restore Your Quality of Life  Jeff represents victims who have suffered a personal injury as a result of an Atlanta car accident, Atlanta Truck accident, Atlanta Motorcycle accident, or a Catastrophic on the job injury. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with distinction from Ithaca College in 1980 along with a minor in Mathematics. He earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Emory University School of Law in 1983, and was admitted to the Bar that year. He met his wife, Kathleen while at Emory. Kathleen also practices law and currently serves as the Deputy Attorney General for the State of Georgia.  Before he opened his own practice, Jeff worked as a litigator in the firm of Oliver, Dickens and Associates, a captive defense firm for Travelers Insurance Companies. He was trying up to ten jury trials a year in both state and federal courts, allowing him to see firsthand how insurance companies work. After five years of practice working for insurance companies, he decided to dedicate his time to representing the victims of Georgia workers' compensation claims, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other civil cases. Though he is a trial lawyer in the true sense, he has developed a subspecialty in catastrophic workers' compensation cases because those cases are in his opinion grossly underrepresented in the marketing and volume based world of administrative workers' compensation.  Georgia is Jeff's Home and He Fights to Defend Your Rights  In addition to his extensive experience and education, Atlanta trial attorney Jeff Gilbert is also a member of the:  State Bar of Georgia Association of Attorneys for Justice Southern Trial Lawyers Association Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Atlanta Bar Association You have everything to gain when you hire Atlanta car accident attorney Jeffrey Gilbert. He will see you through a frustrating legal battle, resolving your case deftly by evening your odds against the Insurer's.  You Only Need to Make One Call – Your Workers' Compensation Case is in the Best Hands  You have to make the first step, but Jeff will handle the rest. If you have questions, concerns about your case, and fears about a positive resolution, one free consultation with attorney Gilbert will assuage your anxiety. You can focus on the needs of your life and family, while Gilbert works on getting you the money you need to move forward. Call him today to set up an appointment.