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Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Magna Cum Laude, Former Prosecutor

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Jin Han, Esq.

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At Law Offices of Jin Han, P.C., our clients experience the highest degrees of satisfaction.

"I was incredibly impressed by his passion, dedication and commitment to me and my case."  -- Y.L.

"His overwhelming desire for victory is fueled by an unparalleled work ethic."  -- T.S.K.

"I was immediately struck by his warmth and compassion.  His chemistry and connection with the jury was awesome to watch -- at times he had them laughing in stitches, at other times he had them near the brink of tears -- and I can't describe my elation as he won my case for me."  -- R.H.

Our rate of success in achieving trial and appellate victories is one of the highest in the nation.

Jin Han, Esq.

* Harvard Law School, J.D.
* Harvard University, B.A.

* Magna Cum Laude
* Former Prosecutor

* 27 years experience

Turn to Jin Han, Esq. for the highest quality legal representation.