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Mr. Sansone practices in the areas of civil rights and employment discrimination, with a specific emphasis on the rights of the plaintiff. Mr. Sansone’s employment practice includes experience in claims against employers for age, sex, race and disability discrimination, sexual harassment, breach of employment contracts and wrongful discharge. He also has a wealth of experience in civil rights litigation, most prominently in actions concerning the rights of citizens in connection with government and police entities.

Mr. Sansone received his Juris Doctor degree from the Duquesne University School of Law. While attending Duquesne University, he was a senior staff member of the Duquesne Law Review and a finalist in the National Trial Moot Competition. Mr. Sansone graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Hickenbottom v. Nassan and Curry

Obtained a 28 million dollar verdict for the family of Michael Ellerbe, a twelve-year old African-American boy, shot in the back and killed by Pennsylvania State Police troopers while he was running away and unarmed. One of the largest civil rights verdicts in the nation’s history.

Miles v. Saldutte, et al.

Obtained a six-figure verdict on behalf of a young African-American who was savagely beaten by three City of Pittsburgh police officers while walking to his grandmother’s house.

Commonwealth v. Veon

Defended Micahel Veon, the former Majority Whip of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives against corruption charges leveled by a politically ambitious attorney general, Tom Corbett, in this first of the infamous Bonusgate prosecutions. Out of eighty charges brought against Mr. Veon, acquittal was obtained on all but fourteen charges. Those charges are currently on appeal with the Pennsylvania Superior Court

Blairsville-Saltsburg School District

Defeated an effort by politicians in the Blairsville area to consolidate the Saltsburg high school and grade school students into the Blairsville main campus. In so doing, lives of children may have been saved as they otherwise would have been required to travel over dangerous roads for long distances for hours each day in order to attend school. This victory was hailed by local residents as one of the most important courtroom victories in the history of that area.

Mardell v. Harleysville Insurance Company

Successfully challenged the termination of a long-time insurance executive with Harleysville Insurance Company based on age discrimination. This matter went to the Supreme Court of the United States where a victory was obtained for the client and, in so doing, a victory was won for all women in the workforce.

Hallberg v. Aristech Chemical Corporation

Obtained a seven-figure verdict on behalf of a steel company executive who was told by her boss that she could either have children or a career with that company. In that case, the jury returned the second largest employment verdict in the United States for that year.

Heidenriech v. Borough of Baldwin

Proved that a corrupt police chief took extraordinary means in an attempt to eliminate a seasoned officer from the police force. The jury returned a six-figure verdict on behalf of the police officer and the court awarded a significant attorney’s fee award in this victory.

Lockhart v. Westinghouse Credit Corporation

Obtained a six-figure verdict for a former Westinghouse executive fired because of his age in his first trial. This case presented Mr. Sansone's first opportunity to vindicate the rights of a talented executive who had the misfortune of getting too old to suit the corporate hierarchy. In addition, to the verdict awarded to the client, the Court awarded a large attorney’s fee award in this victory.