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About Joel B. Sklar Law  I am a trial lawyer, specializing in personal injury, law enforcement misconduct and civil rights cases. I have been in practice in Michigan for 29 years. I have successfully tried cases in both state and federal courts, including two consecutive jury trials in federal court that awarded punitive damages for my clients. I have been featured in Lawyers Weekly for receiving a seven figure judgment against a state court judge for violating the constitutional rights of a former court employee.    I am quoted in various newspapers concerning employment and government misconduct matters and attribute this success to thorough preparation, an open mind and a willingness to take on challenging cases.    Settlements, Awards & Verdicts  $450,000 federal jury verdict for a male employee who was the sexually harassed by his male supervisor. This is believed to be the first “same-sex†sexual harassment verdict for a plaintiffin Michigan.  $150,000 settlement and reinstatement for a court administrator who claimed she lost her job in violation of First Amendment rights to free speech and association  $160,000 settlement in an automobile negligence action for a herniated disc  $1,125,000 verdict for wrongful death from a slip and fall  $225,000 verdict in an automobile negligence/motorcycle case  $732,000 verdict for a public employee who was fired without due process and because she spoke out against judicial misconduct  $800,000 arbitration award for a woman who developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy when she sliced her finger on a razor blade  $300,000 arbitration award for a man who was wrongfully discharged  $2,000,000 settlement for a young man injured as a passenger in an automobile  $265,000 settlement from an insurance company who refused to pay on a disability insurance policy  $150,000 settlement for a female police officer who was denied a promotion based on gender and sexually harassed  $225,000 for a male police officer who was denied a promotion because of race  $150,000 settlement for police misconduct  $350,000 settlement for an automobile negligence wrongful death  $60,000 settlement for police misconduct excessive use of Taser  $125,000 settlement related to bullying of a child