John Connelly, Jr.

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John R. ("Jack") Connelly, Jr.

John R. ("Jack") Connelly, Jr. has been practicing law in the Puget Sound for over 25 years, entirely in the representation of plaintiffs. Mr. Connelly maintains a strong interest in cases which hold government and corporate entities accountable, which emphasize the dignity and value of every human being, and which make a difference in how government officials, and entities, respond to the citizens they are charged with representing.

When he is away from work, Jack enjoys spending time with his wife, Angela, and their nine children.

Jack served as lead counsel in the OK Boys Ranch cases which have compelled national scrutiny of group home care for children and resulted in over $50 million in settlements for abused children. He was lead counsel in Thomas v. Puyallup School District, a racial discrimination lawsuit which settled for $7.5 million and included significant injunctive relief implementing changes throughout the District to recognize and prevent discrimination against students. He has handled a number of cases against governmental entities in Washington State including cases on behalf of people killed and injured by unsupervised felons who were supposed to be under community supervision. These included Joyce v. State of Washington a $22 million wrongful death verdict, Couch v. State of Washington a $15 million verdict and McFarland v. State of Washington a $6.3 million verdict on behalf of a Stadium High School cheerleader who was stabbed to death by a released felon. He has substantial experience handling cases against DSHS arising out of the abuse of children. Jack represented the estate of a firefighter James Brown in Brown v. City of Seattle in which the jury returned a $5.6 million wrongful death verdict and determined that the Seattle Fire Department was responsible for the deaths of four firefighters in an arson fire started by Martin Pang. He has handled numerous cases against the State of Washington and municipal governments involving negligence and deliberate indifference of governmental entitles. He recently handled a case against the ski industry which resulted in a $14 million verdict for a young man who was paralyzed.