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Prior The most important part of your future after you find out you are under investigation is that your best defense is hiring a knowledgeable Portland criminal defense attorney. John E Gutbezahl never backs down from a legal battle and will defend your rights and freedom with zealousness.

Mr. Gutbezahl is one of the best when it comes to skill and connections throughout the court system to prevent charges from being filed, obtain a dismissal or acquittal at trial or obtain the best deal possible.

When selecting a criminal defense attorney, keep these key points in mind. You need someone who possesses:

9 years experience as a prosecutor so can identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case
Extensive knowledge about cases just like yours
Connections within the court system
Courtroom experience backed by years of true involvement
Expertise in a wide variety of crimes
An extensive track record of positive outcomes
An attitude and skill set to persuade a jury, attorney or judge
Home/Jail visits made available by convenient location
Hundreds of clients who have been glad they chose John

Lake Oswego criminal defense lawyer, John E. Gutbezahl and his qualified team possess all these traits and will fight relentlessly on your behalf!

Criminal Defense Attorney With Experience On Both Sides
As an Oregon and Washington criminal defense lawyer we have focused on building one of the best attorney firms in the area. Our focus was to build one of the most successful and client friendly practices in the Portland and it has been a great success. Each and every client is treated with respect and dignity as they should be. We  we believe, as the law is written, that every person is innocent until proven guilty. Our pledge to you is:

I start with a free, confidential consultation
I back that up with over 17 years of service and courtroom experience
I do a thorough impartial investigation into your case
I keep you informed at every step of the process
Our firm is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
If you’re already in jail and cannot meet with us, we will come to you
Our criminal law practice areas cover a wide range
We have the background, the knowledge, and the overall experience in defending a wide range of crimes, including; Murder, Aggravated Murder, Assault, Manslaughter, Burglary, Drugs and Narcotics Offenses and DUIIs, Felon In Possession of a Firearm and Weapons Offenses.

Providing Portland with Experienced Criminal Defense
Other criminal offenses practices include:

Violent Offenses
Sex Crimes
Computer Crimes
Federal Crime
Gang Related Crime
Juvenile Crime
Prostitutionto attending college, Michael  a Pennsylvania native, spent several years working as an arborist in his father’s tree business, where he learned the values of hard work and responsibility. He was born and raised in Delaware County, and has been living in Chester County since 2001.