John Hinman

Hinman Law Group
5855 E. Naples Plaza, Suite 217
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 228-1375

Hi, I'm John Hinman and I'm the lead trial attorney at Hinman Law Group.

When I started this firm in 2013, it was with the vision of providing excellent legal representation to real people who had been injured and making sure they had the power to fight the insurance companies and corporations for justice in their cases.

At Hinman Law Group, I provide the leadership and strategic vision to ensure that we have the proper systems in place to adequately investigate and pursue your case to maximize the chances for success. We do this by preparing for every case from the first interaction with the client as if the case will go to trial. Some may think that this is over-preparation because a majority of cases are settled, but I believe that it is critical to success both in trial and in the settlement.