Joseph Cavallo

Attorney at Law
17897 Macarthur Blvd Fl 2
Irvine, CA 92614

Undergraduate School ? St. Peter?s College, New Jersey, NJ.
Attended law school at Western State University in Fullerton, CA.
Admitted to the bar in June of 1983.
Sole practitioner based out of Irvine CA.
Personal Injury practice for 22 years.
High Profile Criminal Defense Attorney
Represented the County of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Sheriff?s Department.

Mr. Cavallo traveled to Biloxi, Mississippi on September 10, 2005 and spent days volunteering his time with the Salvation Army Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief . His time was spent helping those devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Cavallo was recognized by local media for his support.

Mr. Cavallo represented ex- Orange County Assistant Sheriff, George Jaramillo in a high profile criminal matter involving public corruption which received national media attention.

Mr. Cavallo was successful in receiving a dismissal in a high profile murder case, People v. Rodrigo Requejo.

Mr. Requejo was charged with murder and attempted murder and housed at the Santa Ana jail in December of 2004. Mr. Cavallo was successful in obtaining the dismissal of murder and attempted murder for  Mr. Requejo.

Mr. Cavallo represented a 13-year old girl who was raped by 46-year old Edward Swanstorm in a high profile rape case. Mr. Cavallo represented the 13-year old minor victim in a civil case against Swanstorm, who was charged with rape of a minor. This case has appeared in the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times.

Mr. Cavallo represented Dawn Randall in a federal case which also received national media coverage. The case involved a conspiracy with the IRS of shredding government documents in a cover-up. More

Mr. Cavallo has won over twenty million dollars for his clients in civil suits.

Mr. Cavallo is represented Morteza Bakhtiara who has been charged with attempted murder for the hit and run of a man in Aliso Viejo.

Mr. Cavallo was the lead defense attorney in the matter of People v. Haidl, et al. which received international coverage.

In the matter of People v. Haidl et al., Gregory  Haidl, 19 the son of a wealthy Orange County California Assistant Sheriff, and two of his friends, allegedly gang raped an apparently unconscious 16-year old girl, and videotaped it. In the first trial, Mr. Cavallo guided the jury to a hung verdict, with the jury leaning toward aquittal on most of the 55 counts after nearly two months of trial.

Mr. Cavallo appeared on the O?Reilly Factor, 48 Hours, CNN, MSNBC, and Good Morning America to discuss People v. Haidl, et al.

After guiding a hung jury verdict in the first trial of People v. Haidl in May of 2004, Mr. Cavallo caught international attention when he fashioned a new concept of hiring jurors to act as consultants.