Josephine Townsend

Josephine C. Townsend, PLLC
211 E 11th St Ste 104
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 694-7601

When you need an experienced Trial Lawyer, Josephine is amongst the best. As an experienced Mediator, Arbitrator and Advocate she will work hard for you.  She has extensive experience in all areas of legal representation. Josephine has worked as an Administrative Law Judge, Trial Attorney, Guardian Ad Litem and trial litigator. She has conducted evidentiary hearings and moderated disputes. She is an experienced former prosecutor for City of Vancouver, and possesses over twenty years of supervisory experience including the oversight of criminal attorneys assigned to a heavy trial caseload; she has exercised command and control of police officers during critical incidents including service at ground zero on 9/11. Her extensive background in investigation and preparation of technical reports; child interviewing, background investigations and development of parenting plans makes her an outstanding choice to represent clients in the most difficult cases. As a retired New York State Trooper with years of investigative experience, she knows how to handle people in crisis. A veteran of foreign war, having served her county in the war in Bosnia, Josephine is a hands on, dedicated professional that will represent your interests no matter what the legal issue you are facing.