Justie Nicol

Nicol Gersh Petterson
1205 West Elizabeth Street Unit K
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 670-0738

So, you want to know about me? Well, in short, I’m a feisty, red-headed, nerdy, dog & toddler mom, with a variety of legal experience who’s actually a PERSON (human first, then attorney) and who wants to GENUINELY HELP her clients. I own two companies in Colorado. I enjoy long walks in the mountains (they’re called hikes in Colorado) and am horse-crazy. I’m active on social media (#OfficeDogs & #NotYourAverageLawyer) and you can legit internet-stalk me @Justie4Justice on various platforms. I’m constantly striving to make things easier for my clients whether it’s from an affordability standpoint (I take payments, yo), or trying to minimize the consequences to you in court your problems become my problems when you hire Nicol Gersch Petterson. Multiple clients have called me “personable†(i.e. I’m an average Joe/Jane?, with common sense), “approachable,†and “the best communicator.†I take pride in implementing #LegalTech to help keep clients’ costs down.    Read on to learn more about the firm, what kinds of cases we can help you with, and learn more about my professional bio. (Disclaimer: this paragraph is not a sample of my legal writing). Come get to know me, and let Nicol Gersch Petterson get to work for you.