Justin Martin

Godsey Martin LP
1500 Surveyor Blvd.
Addison, TX 75001
(214) 744-3339

Justin Martin spent most of his early professional career in service, sales, and public relations roles. After graduating from the University of Texas San Antonio, Justin Martin was accepted into Texas Wesleyan School of Law located in Fort Worth, Texas. In early 2007, he joined his childhood friend, David Godsey, at The Godsey Law Firm, where he served as the Firm's law clerk. Upon graduating from law school in 2008, Justin Martin dedicated himself full-time to helping the Firm accomplish its goal of helping victims in our communities have their voices heard. He joined the Firm as partner in 2010. Godsey Martin has grown to become one of the largest personal injury law firms in the state of Texas. With offices in Dallas and Houston, Godsey Martin currently recovers millions of dollars each month on behalf of injury victims.

Justin Martin's precise attention to detail allows him to piece together stories and sequences in serious injury and wrongful death cases; "You have to remember that in some of these unfortunate cases, the victims sometimes have no one to provide their perspective, let alone speak for them. That's not fair." Justin Martin is known for connecting with clients with compassion, which he considers among the most important qualities in the firm's renowned client service-oriented culture. In working trucking cases, Justin Martin has found that the devastation that the accidents cause families can have lifelong implications. He works closely with the Firm's clients to help them get back to health, not just physically and financially, but also emotionally. He believes that is a necessary component of living out the profession of being a lawyer.

Justin Martin is equally passionate about the community activities that Godsey Martin is involved in. These include giving away 400 bikes to Dallas and Houston children each Christmas, feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes, providing scholarships, creating a safety initiative for an annual 300 children's car seat giveaway, and a large effort to make sure that single moms are able to provide Christmas gifts to their children each and every Christmas.

Justin Martin has four talented children-two boys, Josh and Alex and two girls, Ava and Sofia. His family means the world to him, and is his motivating force.