K. Chike Odiwe

Law Offices of John L. Burris
7677 Oakport St., Ste 1120
Oakland, CA 94621

K. Chike Odiwe has expertise in representing clients in Civil Litigation. Mr. Odiwe mostly focuses his attention on Civil Rights Litigation, including: Police Misconduct / Police Brutality / Police Excessive Force / Officer-Involved Shootings / Custodial Deaths / Restraint Asphyxia / Positional Asphyxia / Excessive Tasing / Excessive Baton Strikes / Excessive use of the Beanbag Shotgun / Excessive 40mm Rubber Rounds / Inadequate Medical Care / Denial of Medical Care / Interference with Familial Relationship / Wrongful Death Action / Survival Action / Police Negligence / Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress / Violation of the Bane Act / Violation of the Unruh Act / Violation of Ralph Act / Violation of the United States Constitution / Violation of Fourth Amendment Rights / Violation of Rights Amendment Rights / Violation of Fourteenth Amendment Rights / Battery by a Peace Officer / Malicious Prosecution / False Arrest / False Imprisonment / Wrongful Conviction / Unreasonable Chokehold / Sexual Abuse by a Peace Officer / Total Appendage Restraint Position (“tarp”) / Unreasonable Hobble or Hogtie / K-9 attack Mr. Odiwe also represent other attorneys and clients in civil rights appeals and statutory attorney fee claims. Recent publicized incidents of police abuse and misconduct unfortunately have led many lawyers to claim they can handle such cases. Some will even contact victims directly to solicit their services, in violation of ethical rules.