Kasey Olivier

Olivier Miles Holtz Law Firm
101 W 69th St., Suite 105
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
(605) 331-0609

With Kasey, there is no second place in litigation. Her secret to success is her ability to look at problems from 100 feet above and not from the ground up. When she does that, she sees the big picture and the goals of her clients and the opposing side. Kasey’s creative approach to litigation has landed her on the list of the Top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and voted into the Top 10 female personal injury attorneys in client satisfaction.

Kasey has demonstrated her success in the most sophisticated plaintiffs’ litigation cases against the toughest adversaries, ranging in cases from complex business litigation, personal injury, criminal defense, work place injuries, and estate and trust litigation.

When you meet with Kasey, she will always greet you with a warm smile and an unpretentious, down to earth and honest demeanor which always finds itself in settlement negotiations and the court room. Kasey will never lie to or mislead you and will always deal with you or anyone else with the most honest, transparent and passionate attitude you can think of.

Kasey is extremely clear with her advice, will bend over backwards to protect you and your family and will see you as nothing but a person who is respected and appreciated no matter the situation.


Kasey has been successful in her career because she takes the time to understand your priorities. Your situation is unique and requires an approach that suits you. Kasey always takes the time to listen to your priorities and goals and then advocates passionately on your behalf.