Kathy Brown

Kathy Brown Law
PO Box 631
Charleston, WV 25322-0631
(304) 720-2351

With more than 22 years of experience in investigative journalism at WSAZ, Kathy already had a successful career as a news anchor and reporter when she chose to pursue a second career in law. The integrity of the justice system has always been important to her, and she has spent a lifetime doing her best to make a difference for the people in her community.

Kathy is a driving force with her attention to detail, exhaustive research, and her tenacity in finding answers. As a reporter, she helped reveal major errors within the WV State crime lab, which in turn led to the exoneration of several innocent prisoners. She also uncovered corruption in Mingo County, resulting in the indictments of more than 80 people. She was also - and continues to be - a staunch and tireless children's advocate, bringing their critical issues to the forefront in a regular segment called "Kathy's Kids" on WSAZ.

Kathy is an active West Virginia outdoors enthusiast, often taking her rescue dogs Precious and Honey for camping and hiking trips in the mountains. She tends an ever-expanding garden and endeavors to live a life that leaves a small and inoffensive environmental footprint. Politically active, Kathy participates in fundraisers and other volunteer causes and concerns she supports. Her happily married daughter, Sonya Brown Levitt, lives with husband Aaron in North Carolina, and Kathy visits the area often.