Kenechi R. Agu

KRA Legal PC
2233 West 190th Street, Unit 1
Torrance, 90504

Attorney Kenechi R. Agu became the skillful personal injury attorney he is today through a vocational path marked by uncommon achievements. His academic and occupational history has encompassed fields such as computer engineering, computer science, intellectual property law, and employment at multinational corporations and law firms. Through his extensive education and early law practice, he learned to see disputes and problems through multiple perspectives.

Today, he and legal staff members at the law firm primarily work with individual clients who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents or experienced civil rights violations. Mr. Agu is adept at scrutinizing details while helping people understand critical aspects of their legal matters. Advocating vigorously for his clients, he also educates them along the way. He brings his vast wealth of knowledge and analytical talents to the table for each wronged or injured person’s sake.

An early adapter of advanced tools in the practice of law, lawyer Kenechi R. Agu keeps the law firm technologically up to date. He also brings diverse experts on board as needed. For example, to develop persuasive evidence in a personal injury lawsuit, the firm may employ:

An accident reconstructionist
Medical experts
Vocational experts
Other professionals
Years of experience on many sides of legal issues have given Mr. Agu awareness of when the contributions of outside experts are appropriate.