Kim Frye

Frye Law Group, LLC
170 Anderson St Se
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 919-9525

Kim Frye knows that the State does not always fight fair. That’s why she has dedicated her practice to defending her clients and their rights to the fullest degree.

A former prosecutor and lifelong advocate for justice, Kim has seen enough unjust cases to know that sometimes the government gets it wrong. Sometimes people are getting in trouble for the first time ever. Sometimes they’ve made an error in judgment that could completely change their life. Sometimes they are innocent.

And they need someone on their side.

That’s where Kim comes in.

Kim was born and raised in Cobb County. After graduating from North Cobb High School, she studied Criminal Justice at the University of Georgia and went on to get her J.D. from Georgia State University College of Law.

Soon after graduating she began as an Assistant District Attorney for the Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit, and later she worked as an Assistant Solicitor General for the Cobb County Solicitor General’s Office. Her experience as a prosecutor inspired her to open her own law firm – but this time, as a criminal defense lawyer.

Kim founded the Frye Law Group in 2008 as a firm devoted to defending the people from unfair charges from the State. Clients typically come to Kim in crisis, and she takes the time to learn each client’s story thoroughly. This way, she can help her clients to understand the system they’ve been thrust into and what’s at stake in their case.