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Kristopher Rezagholi is a graduate of Arizona State University where he earned a degree in Political Science, Economics and Philosophy. While at Arizona State University Mr. Rezagholi was an honors student and active in many extracurricular activities. Mr. Rezagholi then continued at Arizona State University where he earned his Law degree. Once again, Mr. Rezagholi received high academic honors and was the recipient of the Pedrick Scholar award. While in law school Mr. Rezagholi clerked at the law firms of Franklin & Associates and The Honorable Thomas O'Toole. After graduating from law school, Mr. Rezagholi embarked on a brief career at the commercial litigation law firm Hudspeth & Associates. At this top civil law firm, Mr. Rezagholi worked on cases in areas of complex commercial litigation, products liability, and intellectual property law. While this work was challenging and satisfying, Mr. Rezagholi was not ultimately fulfilled. So, he returned to practice where he could use his scientific knowledge and trial skills in a unique and synergistic way to advocate for accused individuals in his community. Mr. Rezagholi returned to the practice of DUI, Criminal Defense law and Civil Litigation. Mr. Rezagholi has successfully handled hundreds of DUI and Criminal cases. As a trial attorney, Mr. Rezagholi has vast experience from DUIs and vehicular crimes to Aggravated Assaults and Homicide. Mr. Rezagholi is an experienced and highly skilled defense attorney dedicated to providing the finest defense to anyone accused of a DUI or Criminal offense. It is important to note that Mr. Rezagholi's solid foundation of analytical skills enables him to analyze and evaluate the many scientific details of DUI and forensic criminal cases. Mr. Rezagholi has vast experience in accident reconstruction and is able to communicate on the same level as the trial experts. It is this unique insight that has helped a great many of Mr. Rezagholi's clients in cases ranging from DUI to homicide. Most importantly, Mr. Rezagholi has a wealth of oral advocacy experience in and out of the Courtroom. Mr. Rezagholi has dealt with Judges and prosecutors across the state of Arizona behind closed doors and in open Court. Mr. Rezagholi has the highest level of experience necessary to effectively and persuasively advocate for you at every level of your case. Remember, a win at trial is great, but getting a case dismissed before it gets to trial is even better.