Laura Robinson

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Laura is a distinguished, highly successful criminal defense attorney based in Oakland California. Since 1988, she has represented clients in well over 1,000 felony cases. This experience includes over 75 jury trials with excellent results. She has handled a wide variety of adult and juvenile cases, including, but not limited to: robbery, fraud, RICO, narcotics, weapons, domestic violence, sexual assault crimes, DUI, murder, kidnapping, mayhem, arson, car theft, etc.

In 2004, Laura opened up her own private practice in Oakland California. Each of her clients receives her full attention and energy. This has produced great outcomes for so many of her clients. She has represented clients in many high profile cases, including murder, rape and kidnapping. During her career, she has won many jury acquittals, gotten serious cases dismissed (such as murder, sex crimes and domestic violence), and always fights for the best results possible. From 1988-2003, she worked as a public defender in Contra Costa County, where she handled countless serious and violent felonies, and attained the highest possible level of non-management promotion to Deputy Public Defender IV. Laura has led seminars to train other criminal defense attorneys. In 2015, Laura was invited to be a lecturer for an Oakland community based group concerned with preservation of their rights while protesting. In 2017, she served on a panel seeking resolutions after the Ghost Ship fire.

Laura is dedicated to representing her clients as aggressively and effectively as possible. She has the reputation of a fighter who will pursue all legal means to provide the best defense possible. Her reputation is among the most respected criminal defense attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Types Of Cases
ALL California and Federal Criminal Defense cases - FELONIES and MISDEMEANORS
White Collar Crimes
Juvenile delinquency
Sex crimes
Robbery, Weapons and Assault
Cases with Prior Strikes
Administrative Law
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