Lee Brown

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Lee Brown Mr. Brown practices exclusively in the area of products liability. He has pioneered new causes of action in motor vehicle accidents, airbags, rollovers, handling instability, roof crush, seat belts, fuel systems, and personal watercraft. Mr. Brown earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1988. He received his law degree from the University of Oklahoma in May of 1991. He then went to work for a defense firm in Oklahoma, where he was quickly made partner after only four years because of his successes in the field of products liability. In 1995 he joined The Law Offices of Windle Turley, P.C., where he ran the Products Liability Department and served on the Board of Directors. In 2001, he started his own firm to pursue automobile crashworthiness and consumer product cases. Mr. Brown is a fellowship member of TTLA, a Board of Director of the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association, and a member of the Judiciary Committee of the Dallas Bar Association. Through 2002-2004, he was selected by D Magazine as one of The Best Lawyers Under 40. In 2006-2007, he was selected as a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly magazine. In 2007, Mr. Brown was named one of the Top 500 Plaintiffs' Lawyers in the country by Lawdragon. He has also received awards from the Dallas Bar Association: 'Distinguished Service Award,' Who's Who, and frequently publishes articles in Trial magazine. Mr. Brown is also a frequent teacher and invited lecturer in civil litigation and products liability. Recent publications include: The Secrecy of The Bone Screws, Breast Implant Newsletter, 1997 Personal Watercraft: Are They Safe? AIEG, 1999 No-Evidence Summary Judgments, 1997 Use of Discovery as a Sword to Combat the Statistical Defense, AIEG, Airbag Summit III, 2000 Successful Technical Products Liability Litigation, AIEG, Airbag Summit, III, 2000 The Next Wave of Products Liability Litigation, Trial Magazine, Aug., 2001 Personal Watercraft: The Next Wave of Litigation, TTLA, 2002 Current Status of FMVSS 208, AIEG, Airbag Summits VI, 2003 Auto Defects: Emerging Areas of Liability, TTLA, 2003 Personal Watercraft: Why They Are Unreasonably Dangerous, TTLA, 2004 Discovery in Side Impact Cases, AIEG, Auto Focus, 2004 Trial Strategies in Automobile Defect Cases: How to Get a $38 Million Landmark Verdict Against General Motors, DTLA, 2005 Side Air Bag Non-Deployment Trial - Verdict, AIEG, 2005 Handling Products Cases - An A-Z Primer, TTLA, 2005 GM Side Air Bag Discovery, AIEG, Airbag Summit, VIII, 2005 Side Air Bag Discovery, David Hodges Law Office Fifth Annual Seminar, 2005 Handling Defense Experts, AIEG, Airbag Summit IX, 2006 Skimming the Surface of Safety, Trial Magazine, August 2006 Litigating Air Bag Cases in the Smart Air Bag Era, Trial Magazine, 2006 Strict Liability for Component Part Manufacturers, ABA, March 2007 Pretensioners ?? A Life-Saving Restraint for Rollovers!, AIEG Spring Seminar 2007 Side & Rollover Air Bag Design Defects, AIEG Airbag Summit X, 2007 Presumptions, Preemption, and Compliance With Government Standards in Products Liability Cases, TTLA, 2007 Side and Rollover Air Bag Design Defects, AIEG Airbag Summit XI 2008 Top 10 Discovery Abuses of Ford, AIEG Spring Seminar 2009 Jones v. Ford Presentation, AIEG Airbag Summit XII 2009