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At the Schatten Law Firm, we pride ourselves in delivering maximum cash compensation for our injured clients. Mr. Schatten, the owner of the firm, is an award winning, personal injury lawyer. He has the legal knowledge, the litigation experience and the fighting spirit to take on powerful insurance companies and corporations who frequently try to skirt their responsibilities, violate basic standards for fairly paying injury claims, and whose adjusters too often give injured victims the run around.

There are ten core reasons that distinguish the Schatten Law Firm from many other personal injury firms in Colorado.

1. Through his civil litigation experience, both at his firm and working at other firms, Mr. Schatten has worked on cases that have delivered several millions of dollars for clients in judgments and settlements.

2. Mr. Schatten is an excellent litigator and trial lawyer. He has built a powerful reputation and earned top honors and awards in the Colorado legal community.

3. For eighteen years, Mr. Schatten has been providing his clients with tough, aggressive and powerful representation. We promptly return the calls and messages of our clients.

4. Having graduated from college with top honors and one of the nation's top tier law schools, Mr.Schatten has a strong intellect and understanding of medicine and the medical field in Colorado.

5. We do not pay for expensive, multi-million dollar television advertising which costs are often indirectly passed on to clients. Most of our referrals come from Colorado lawyers and satisfied clients.

6. We are compassionate and know that our clients need to keep as much of their final settlement as possible. We recognize that many of our clients face pain, suffering and potentially permanent injuries. We also know that our clients and their families face rising medical bills from serious accidents. Thus, we make it our core mission to keep our attorney fees discounted and affordable which we carefully discuss with our clients. Our attorney fee rates for pre-litigation and litigation work depend on many factors including assessing liability, damages and the potential values of the case.

7. We are not a large settlement mill law firm that takes on thousands of cases a year where clients' cases can be shuffled between multiple junior associates and paralegals.

8. All of the firm's clients work directly with Mr. Schatten and his team. We are a boutique firm dedicated to a small number of select clients.

9. In large and complex cases, we may evaluate bringing in co-counsel with excellent local and national lawyers forging a very powerful legal team. For instance, in one large trucking case, we brought in one of the nation's top trucking law firms to co-counsel the case with our firm.

10. We fight the toughest fights. For example, we are one of the few firms that has built a powerful team litigating a groundbreaking, personal injury case through jury trial to having the case being selected and heard by the Colorado Supreme Court.We invite you to call our law firm to learn more and we look forward to working with you.