Mark Breyer

The Husband & Wife Law Team
3840 E Ray Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85044
(602) 457-6222

Mark is recognized throughout the Arizona community as a top injury lawyer.

Mark is an Arizona personal injury and wrongful death attorney who started The Husband & Wife Law Team with his wife, Alexis, who is also an attorney, in 1996. Mark grew up in Michigan and went to college at Michigan State University. He always had a passion for the law and followed his dream to be a successful trial lawyer and attended Syracuse University College of Law School. Mark and Alexis then moved to Arizona to begin their legal careers and have been in Arizona nearly two decades.

Many callers want to know if Mark would be the attorney litigating the case and the answer is yes. Mark meets with all new clients about their case, handles the litigation, and is always available to speak to clients.

Mark, along with Alexis, are known as The Husband & Wife Law Team through out Arizona.

Mark has truly defined himself as a successful attorney by distinguishing himself among his colleagues and community through example and trusted experience as an expert in Personal Injury Law and Wrongful Death Law. Mark and Alexis — known as The Husband & Wife Law Team — are a family oriented law firm with the accolades and reputation of a big down town law firm.

Mark and Alexis have 8 children together. They joke that when they married it was never planned to have a big family, but one at a time, they now have 8 children. Mark enjoys all college sports, especially football and basketball, and is active in the little leagues. He tries to watch pro football as well. Any and all sports he enjoys. Of course, we cannot forget Mark's beloved dog, Kenzie.

Mark’s community service includes sponsoring teacher appreciation awards, safety campaigns, scholarships, and other outreach programs.

Mark continuously participates as a speaker in events and seminars where he shares his knowledge and experience as an expert in personal injury law. Mark has spoken to other attorneys about how to handle a personal injury claim as well as litigated many cases from other attorneys. Mark has written numerous articles on injury and wrongful death law and is recognized as a published author. He regularly speaks to groups about personal injury law and to motorcycle clubs about motorcycle law, as well as other groups and specific areas of the law. Alexis and Mark outreach to the community as well sponsoring teacher contests, motorcycle safety contests, and other programs that offer scholarship money to deserving students.