Mary Anderson

19125 North Creek Parkway,Suite 120
Bothell, WA 98011
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Before starting work in the legal field, I owned and operated my own mortgage brokerage firm and served as a licensed REALTOR. I worked in many aspects of the real estate field, and underwrote loans for large banks, as well as loans for private mortgage insurance companies. When the market fell in 2008, I went back to law school, focusing on real estate law. During my years in practice, I have argued 2 cases in front of our State Supreme Court, including a landmark 9-0 decision that is used for training at a variety of law firms in the area. Both of these cases concerned real estate and property law. Recently, I helped a client recover a settlement of more than $2 million in a personal injury case. I have received several awards for my work, including the Pro Bono Public Service Award from the Washington State Bar Association during 2014, 2015, and 2016. I also received the Consumer Rights Litigation Conference Committee Award from the National Consumer Law Center in 2012. FIGHTING FOR YOU In addition to my services for real estate and property law, I am available to assist clients with issues related to personal injury and civil rights. I believe that we all deserve to be treated equally, and I am a proponent of prosecuting police officers if and when they step out of line. It is my goal and strong desire to give individuals a voice, in the midst of the chaos while being treated in an unfair manner. Because I have experienced working in the real estate market at its lucrative height, at its all-time low, and everywhere in between, I am confident to call my knowledge in real estate law keen and thorough. My strong belief is that knowledge is meant to be shared, not kept in secret. As such, I always strive to help individuals know their rights, understand their rights, and finally, invoke their rights. Are you facing foreclosure or other real estate issues? Understand your rights and receive the support you need when you work with my firm. Contact  me, Mary C. Anderson, to speak with a real estate attorney in Everett, Washington. I proudly offer services for clients throughout Seattle, Bothell, Bellevue, and surrounding areas.