Matthew Chalker

The Law Office of Matthew J. Chalker
106B Defense Hwy Ste C
Annapolis, MD 21401

After practicing for years in firm settings, Matthew embarked on a path of his own, defined by an unwavering commitment to providing individualized attention to each client, and plain-old, hard-nosed legal representation.  His professional philosophy is grounded in the belief that from tenacious preparation flows the best possible results.  His goals for each case are driven by the recognition that a complex world gives rise to complex problems, and the problems faced by his clients represent that often difficult reality.

Whether in trial or on appeal, Matthew aggressively pursues the best resolution for his clients.  At the trial level, Matthew treats every day as trial preparation, leaving his clients secure in the knowledge that when satisfactory pre-trial solutions cannot be reached, his trial-centric case preparation and trial experience leave trial as a strong option.  At the appellate level, Matthew?s commitment to preparation, always with an eye towards briefing and argument, affords his clients a strong legal leg on which to stand - whether for the purpose of advancing settlement, or pursuing an appeal through argument.  

Matthew is keenly aware that complex problems require a focused, results oriented plan of attack.  Pursuit of the best resolution to his client?s complex problems is Matthew's commitment.  Your case should start and end with hard-nosed representation because you deserve nothing less.  Let Matthew show you what that means.