May Lee

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Milwaukee, WI 53202
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Experience, Former DA
Attorney Lee began her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office. She understands the enormity of power and resources that the government has to prosecute individuals. Her experiences provide a unique perspective and strategic advantage when advocating for her clients.

Giving Back, Community Service
Attorney Lee is a leader in the Milwaukee community. She has partnered with and invested in several non-profits in the area. Attorney Lee is active in contributing to safe and thriving neighborhoods.

Attorney Lee, Criminal Defense
When charged with a crime, many people can be overwhelmed with how to even begin tackling the legal process. Most have no idea what legal defenses they have and fear the power and resources they face with the government. Attorney Lee has the experience to navigate the system. When you hire Attorney Lee, she uses her experience and understanding of the system to fervently fight for you and walk you through every step of your case.