Michael Sanft

Mayfield, Gruber & Sheets
714 South Fourth Street
Las Vegas, NV 89015
(702) 497-8008

After receiving his Juris Doctorate from BYU in 2001 and becoming licensed to practice law in Nevada in 2002, attorney Michael Sanft quickly became one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas. 

He has created an extremely successful private practice while also taking on the most challenging state-appointed cases other attorneys and public defenders could not handle. His success in the courtroom revolves around his straightforward, scrappy Las Vegas style of criminal defense.

He is not afraid to put his record, knowledge and experience up against any district or trial attorney in the country. Mr. Sanft is a hard-hitting, real criminal defense attorney who exploits any weakness to his advantage.

Michael has created a unique and personal approach to criminal defense. His real criminal defense strategy separates him from every other attorney in the country and he can back it up. He is trial-ready and proven and takes control of the criminal matter.

His straightforward approach leaves no room for nonsense. This style of defense has made him a respected and sought-after criminal defense attorney by judges, district attorneys and other trial lawyers.