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Michael Waddington is a criminal defense lawyer and best-selling author who defends cases in military courts worldwide. He also defends military personnel who are under investigation and have not yet been charged. He specializes in defending serious criminal cases including sex crimes, war crimes, violent crimes, and white collar crimes. Mr. Waddington's 2018 book, Kick-Ass Closings: A Guide to Giving the Best Closing of Your Life, contains nearly 500 pages of Mr. Waddington's best closings and hundreds of outstanding arguments made by the nation's top criminal defense lawyers. Michael is a co-author of the book, Pattern Cross-Examination for Sexual Assault Cases: A Trial Strategy & Resource Guide, published by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Mr. Waddington has been reported on and quoted by hundreds of major media sources worldwide. He has provided consultation services to CNN Investigative Reports, "60 Minutes," Katie Couric, ABC's "Nightline," the BBC, German Public Television, CNN, CBS, the Golden Globe-winning TV series "The Good Wife," and various other international media outlets. Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.42.14 PMHe is the author of the bestselling book, The Art of Trial Warfare. (Click here to view the book on Amazon). He appeared in a major CNN documentary, "Killings at the Canal" and some of his cases have been the subject of books and movies. These include the Academy Award-winning documentary "Taxi to the Dark Side" (view trailer), the 2013 documentary, "The Kill Team," the books "The ?Good Soldier' on Trial," "Strike & Destroy," and Brian De Palma's "Redacted." (De Palma also directed "Scarface" and "Carlito's Way".) Mr. Waddington teaches trial advocacy across the United States. At the 2018 National Trial Lawyers Summit, Mr. Waddington shared the stage with legendary attorneys F. Lee Bailey (one of OJ Simpson's lawyers), Mark Geragos (who defended Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and other celebrities), and Mark O'Mara (George Zimmerman's lawyer), to teach cutting-edge trial techniques to attorneys from across the USA. In 2016 and 2017, Mr. Waddington also lectured at the prestigious Trial Lawyers Summit. Mr. Waddington gave two lectures at the NACDL's 2017 National Sex Crime Conference in Las Vegas, NV. One of his lectures, Defending a Military Client Charged With Sexual Assault, was tailored to winning sex crime cases in military courts. Mr. Waddington was a featured speaker at the 2017 NACDL Forensic Science Conference in Las Vegas. His topic, Using Forensic Science to Create Reasonable Doubt in Sexual Assault Cases, focused on impeaching rogue sex assault examiners (SANEs & SAFEs) using cutting-edge research and medical textbooks. He also taught techniques to expose forensic psychologists and psychiatrists who testify about junk science, such as "Counterintuitive Victim Behavior" and "Tonic Immobility." From 2013-2018, Mr. Waddington wrote chapters in the American Bar Association (ABA) annual book, "The State of Criminal Justice." In 2016, he published Trial Warrior's Book of Wisdom: A Compilation of Quotes for Success in Law and Life, which is ranked as an Amazon bestseller.