Nicholas Baker

Nick Baker Law LLC
320 N Meridian St., Ste 801
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 456-7889

I want to thank you for considering my firm to represent you in your case. Whatever you may be facing, please know I will work hard for you just as I have worked for over ten years as a trial attorney for my many other clients. I thought I’d take a moment to share with you a bit about me and what drives me to seek justice for you.

Since I started my own practice nearly three years ago, I’ve worked and fought hard for my clients. Personally, life has been busy too. My wife, Sarah, who is a family law attorney, and I now have two children. Our home is nearly restored, which leaves us more time for long walks as a family which also includes our dog. Although eating out with a toddler and infant has taken us to many different restaurants than we previously enjoyed, we still love going out on date nights to restaurants near downtown Indianapolis.

I’ve often been asked what brought me to the legal field and I admit I grew up with two great influences on my sense of right and wrong and fairness. My father is a judge and my step-father was a defense attorney. Whether it was those two, or my young influence from Clarence Darrow and Inherit the Wind, I believe that they all gave me the desire for justice, especially against the excesses and abuses of big business and government.