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Nick Hinrichs, the founder of The Hinrichs Law firm, has represented numerous clients in cases involving catastrophic accidents and serious injuries. Hinrichs has assisted his clients in recovering substantial compensation for injuries, disfigurement, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Hinrichs received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas, and his law degree from St. Mary’s University. He joined the Platte County Prosecutor's Office as an assistant prosecuting attorney in 2012. For three years, he prosecuted felony criminal cases ranging from involuntary manslaughter to crimes against children. Hinrichs brought more than 30 trials to verdict at the prosecutor’s office, which allowed him to hone his courtroom skills.

After spending several years in the prosecutor’s office cultivating trial skills, Nick began taking an interest in representing injured individuals.
“As a former prosecutor, I worked with people who were affected by many different types of crime. As a prosecutor, you become the voice for those who have been harmed. The personal rewards of working with victims and helping them receive justice and closure are indescribable. At The Hinrichs Law Firm, I am proud to serve my clients as a prosecutor in the civil justice system.” — Nick Hinrichs
Tractor-Trailer Manslaughter Jury Trials - P.O.S.T. Certification
Platte County Resource Center

Presentation regarding the uniqueness of tractor-trailer manslaughter cases compared to automobile manslaughter cases.
Section 1983 Lawsuits - P.O.S.T. Certification
Platte County Resource Center

Presentation regarding steps for insulation against civil liability and case law update.
Noteworthy Trainings
MOPS: Lethal Weapon Training (Tractor-Trailer vehicular manslaughter cases)
Kansas City, Missouri

Training on collision reconstruction and analyzing expert crash reports.

Attorneys Information Exchange Group: Wrongful Death Trucking Seminar
Kansas City, Missouri

Trial strategies in tractor-trailer cases.

National District Attorneys Association (NDAA): Trial Advocacy School
Salt Lake City, Utah

40 assistant prosecutors from around the nation are selected twice a year to participate. Participants must perform every stage of a trial. The performance is recorded and critiqued in front of veteran prosecutors.

MOPS Drug Recognition Expert Certification Conference
Columbia, Missouri

Training for Missouri state troopers and deputies on recognizing drugged drivers.

David Mann’s Persuasive Presentation Skills for Lawyers
Kansas City, Missouri

Professional actors incite on storytelling and courtroom acting techniques.

MOPS Trial Advocacy School
Kansas City, Missouri

Veteran prosecutors from all over the state of Missouri teach trial strategy and techniques.

DWI Law & Science Seminar
Lake of the Ozarks

Medical experts breakdown the science behind DWI testing instruments and field sobriety tests.

Missouri Office of Prosecutor Services (MOPS) conference:
Lake of the Ozarks

Variety of CLEs ranging from media relations, plea negotiation, evidence practice and trial workshops.

Ross T. Roberts: Federal Trial Advocacy Training
Kansas City, Missouri

Federal trail practice techniques communicated by district court judges.
St. Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas

Juris Doctorate
Mock Trial Regional Competitor.

University of Kansas

Bachelors of Communication Studies
Emphasis in public speaking and speech writing.
Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys
Platte County Bar Association
Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association