Patrick Thronson

Janet Janet & Suggs, LLC
4 Reservoir Cir Ste 200
Baltimore, MD 21208-7301
(410) 653-3200

-Top 40 under 40, National Trial Lawyers
-Board of Governors, Maryland Association for Justice
-Co-editor-in-Chief, Trial Reporter, Maryland Association for Justice
-Member of the Publications Committee of the American Association for Justice

Patrick Thronson’s practice focuses on environmental and consumer class actions and patient safety litigation. He proudly advocates for children and adults who have suffered catastrophic injuries because of preventable medical errors. Patrick has been a member of litigation teams that have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured victims. He also has experience in civil rights litigation and immigrant representation. Patrick has an active pro bono practice.

Patrick serves as co-editor-in-chief of Trial Reporter, the premier legal publication of the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ). Patrick also serves on MAJ’s Amicus and Legislative Committees and is a member of the Legislative Leaders Circle.

Patrick is admitted to practice in state and federal district courts in Illinois, Maryland, and Minnesota. He has been specially admitted to practice in connection with representing clients in Arizona, the District of Columbia, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia.

During law school, Patrick served as editor-in-chief of the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform. He worked as a student attorney for the University of Michigan Human Trafficking Clinic, where he helped victims obtain lawful immigration status and assisted in scholarly publications. Patrick received the Cason Scholarship (academic award) and the Sarah Honigman Memorial Award (as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Law Reform).

Prior to joining Janet, Janet & Suggs, Patrick served as communications director and speechwriter for the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, and as a founding board member and donor/community relations officer for Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain. He consulted independently for nonprofit corporations, law firms, and local and statewide political campaigns. Patrick also served on the boards of directors of the Madeleine Choir School and the Utah Cultural Alliance.


University of Michigan, J.D., 2013
Harvard University, B.A. (philosophy, magna cum laude), 2005


United States District Courts for the Districts of Maryland and Minnesota and the Northern District of Illinois
United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit


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