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Mr. Wallstrom has been practicing injury law since 1978. Over that period, he’s accumulated an impressive record of success for victims of injury.

He has the credentials you’d expect of an accomplished litigator. He holds a B.A. from the University of Washington (1975) and a law degree from Willamette University (1978), both Cum Laude. He’s been admitted to the Washington State Bar, the Oregon State Bar, and the US District and Bankruptcy Courts.

Those credentials give him a solid grounding, but it’s really his formula for winning cases, especially in the past 15 years, that makes him almost unbeatable.

It’s a simple formula that any attorney could follow but almost no other attorney does. As a result of employing this formula he wins over 96% of his cases, he’s been invited into the Eagles section of the Washington State Association of Justice and  the American Association of Justice, an exclusive group of attorneys which includes only  two and a half percent of all trial attorneys in the State of Washington.

The formula is simply this:
Listen to your client
Do thorough research to identify cases that can be won on points of law
Take only those few cases that meet the criteria
Present the case evenhandedly, the strong points and the weak
Be scrupulously honest with the client, the judge, and the jury

Mr. Wallstrom knows how to turn thorough research into winning strategies

Most attorneys take too many cases. They don’t have time to understand each case well. And because they rely on paralegals to do the early interviewing, they are removed even further from the case.

Because Mr. Wallstrom takes few cases, he handles them personally from beginning to end. He does more research and looks at cases from more angles. Judges and juries can tell, and report that he is better prepared than most other lawyers they see.

For example, in a recent car accident case, the insurance company had offered his client nothing. The client had been driving on a wide road and didn’t see a car entering the intersection. The road was marked with one lane and the police cited his client for the accident. It seemed such an obvious call that other attorneys wouldn’t take the case. Mr. Wallstrom’s research revealed that the road should have been classified as having two lanes despite the markings and the insurance company paid the claim.

He listens to you and it pays off

A recent client had been hit by a motorist who was also a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. The client had waited nearly 3 years and filed the injury claim through another attorney. The Federal Court was prepared to dismiss the case, ruling it fell outside the federal two-year limitation. By really listening to the client, Mr. Wallstrom discovered the client had been told by the Lieutenant to contact his insurance company. By arguing his client was misled by the Lieutenant, Mr. Wallstrom convinced the court to not dismiss the case and won a $1.7 million ruling.

When he represents you in front of a jury, they believe him

When it comes time to present to a judge or jury, most attorneys gloss issues they don’t really understand and spin issues they know are weak. That might work for the length of a conversation, but in the drawn-out process of a trial, the judge or jury picks up on something the attorney didn't disclose or wasn't accurate about. And they lose trust in the attorney. So they rule against the attorney’s client.

Because his presentations are clear, understandable, and evenhanded, judges and juries find them honest and convincing. They rule in favor of his clients. And they often award substantial verdicts.


Paul Wallstrom

Paul Wallstrom is a 2nd generation Seattle Native.
Born 1/22/1953

Admitted to the:
» Washington State Bar Association 1978
» US District and Bankruptcy Courts 1978
» Oregon State Bar Association 1979

Also member of:
» Washington State Trial Lawyers Association Eagles
» American Trial Lawyers Association
» King County Bar Association

» University of Washington B.A. Cum Laude 1975
» Willamette University Juris Doctor Cum Laude 1978

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