Peter Petrarca

Petrarca & Petrarca Law Offices
330 Silver Spring St
Providence, RI 2904
(401) 273-1111

Senior Partner
Areas of Practice:
Administrative Appeals
Business Law
Criminal Law
Liquor Licensing
Motor Vehicle Property Damage
Personal Injury

Providence’s Best Litigator
Peter J. Petrarca is a graduate of Boston University (BA) and Boston College Law School, with years of experience in personal injury, property damage and litigation cases and a tireless advocate on behalf of his clients. He is licensed in all courts including Federal District court.

Petrarca is the former Senior Deputy Majority Leader for the House of Representatives who has earned a reputation for being aggressive in the courtroom at the benefit of his clients – and their financial recoveries. Unlike many in the field, Peter is in court every day, working on behalf of his clients.

“Your Diminished Value Expert”

Peter Petrarca is the only lawyer in the state of Rhode Island who specializes in diminished value. If you’ve been in an automobile accident and had your car repaired, you will not retain the potential full value of your vehicle when compared to an identical car that has never been in an accident. Peter advocates for the return of the diminished value of your vehicle – which could earn you thousands of dollars.